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Exodar (PvE)
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Rezzonator, Oct 20, 12 9:27 PM.

               Welcome all new and existing members. Dark Annihilation is a level 25 guild that is starting over and has created a new guild structure and a new raiding experience. We are always looking for more people to join the ranks no matter if you raid, like questing, achievement hunting, or just being part of a fun social and active guild. If you are interested in joining guild and want a invite then go to guild tab in game or whisper someone in guild for a invite. If you are interested in joining guild and are not currently on Exodar realm and want more information then email GM at
                 This website will be used for raid schedules, guild information, events, etc. I recommend you create a profile and login so the forums, chat, profiles, etc. will function and stay updated. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the guild and this website.
                                                                                                                                     Guild Master


Rezzonator, Oct 20, 12 9:25 PM.
Guild Rules

  • Have fun
  • Socialize and get to know each other
  • Learn from and help others
  • Participate in guild and events
  • Contribute to guild, adding money and items to guild bank helps with repairs, mats, gear, etc
  • Do not remove items from guild bank and sell on AH, you will be reported and kicked
  • Stay active - if inactive for more than 15 days and GM or assistant GM is not notified you will be removed from guild unless it is a Alt character
  • All Alts need to be set as Alt in character note
  • Be respectful in chat, Drama will NOT be tolerated


Rezzonator, Oct 20, 12 9:13 PM.
Raid Rules

  • Loot system will be /roll in order of Main spec, Off spec, disenchant for guild bank
  • Tanks and Healers have first priority on gear if used by DPS
  • Proper gear required
  • Be on time - if you are going to be late or cant make it let Raid leader or GM know
  • Consistently being late and/or leaving early or complaining will get you removed from team
  • Know your class and abilities, you will not be carried
  • Follow instructions and work as a team
  • When raid leader talks all will listen and be quiet, there will be a chance for questions and comments
  • Be patient, wipes are part of progression
  • Have fun and enjoy content
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